Hanon Worker Short

How flipping hot is it?? Is this a dream??? Can it be real?? It’s  bank Holiday weekend and yet there’s not a cloud in the sky and it’s hotter than a deep fried jalapeno out there. The only dilemma we have now is keeping our legs cool, when you spend 90% of the year wearing jeans we always get caught out when it comes to being sorted for shorts. Hanon have a the perfect solution to our leg cooling woes in the form of their new made in Portugal Worker shorts. Perfectly traversing the smart/casual zone you could wear them to work or down the beer garden and would look equally at home. There’s also a handy five pockets, including a nifty one at the side for whacking your phone, cards & cash in. Stay suave, stay cool and stay in shorts this summer with Hanon.

Buy a pair of Hanon Worker Shorts here.


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