Hatrick of Headwear


You know the feeling.  One day a month; normally the week before it’s due cutting, your barnet looks alright.

The rest of the time, nah.

I usually find, after flicking through the racy mags, ordering my French crop “like photo 2 on the wall” and declining Mario’s offer of “something for the weekend” it’s at it’s worst, and I’m 8 quid worse off for the privilege.

What’s a man to do?  Simples…get ahead by getting a hat, and get that hair covered up.

So here we go: 3 of the best Buckets around to suit everybody’s budget (still have that over-reliance on alliteration that got me marked down in me GCSEs).

First up the Head Honchos at mighty Engineered Garments.

Just stop a minute, and admire the unreserved aceness of this Adventure Hat.


Colour choices? TICK- like a colour palette taken from a pack of 80’s Tooty Fruities, they are bob-on.

Feeling brave, yet confident in your masculine heterosexuality? Then pot the Pink Poplin.  Mr Blue Sky? Then it needs to be the Light Blue; or for conservative sensibility go Navy poplin.  See, something for everyone.

But what puts this particular hat at the top of my want (but probably won’t get) list?  Well apart from the name, gotta be the POCKETS, innit.  Taking this cotton hat from being just a sartorial piece of art to a bloody useful piece of headwear. 4, yes count them, 4 press studded pockets, enough for your loose change, chewing gum, keys and carton of Vim℗to.


As we all know by now getting a slice of Suzuki these days doesn’t come cheap, and at £79 from our pals at Oi Polloi this bucket will be banished by many.

So it’s my duty to show you 2 others that might appeal….or at least appease the missus.

Nordic Style Stalwarts Norse Projects have their draw string Chart Reversible Bucket Hat, available from Atoo.

Being reversible it’s like getting that 2-4-1 deal, and gives you either a Light Blue / Patterned Navy or a Grey / Ecru Patterned version all for £50


Finally, a budget bucket which is far from a last resort.  A bit of floral goodness (far easier to pull off than full on flowery shirt) via the Universal Works Floral Twill Bucket Hat available now at Pavilion Clothing, Liquor Store and Stuarts for around the 30 notes mark.

“Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride” and go a little Gonzo with this.



Whichever you go for, be careful where you leave it. Think on with what Paul Young said, it isn’t a heart that makes a home, it’s wherever you lay your blinking hat…..

Twitter: @HiltonShoegazer


  1. Those UW hats are spot on. Had a paisley pattern one from last year but lost the begger on an ale crawl.

  2. Love them but at almost touching forty not sure if I smith brave enough …

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