Head Porter Bags @ Hanon

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There’s been some rather ridiculous fashion ‘designs’ over the years. The Supreme brick immediately comes to mind. There was also that time Prada released a paperclip for $185. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Recently we’ve seen some eyebrow-raising luggage designs. So with that being said, be warned. These bags don’t glow in the dark. They don’t come in completely transparent designs or rip-off 40p Swedish furniture store totes. Nope, no gimmicks to be found here.

Head Porter is a Japanese luggage company fronted by Yoshida Kaban’s acclaimed ‘Porter’ brand. Focusing on very stylish yet functional designs, these bags are no-nonsense Japanese craftsmanship of the highest quality. The new collection features tote bags, backpacks, shoulder-strap bags and rucksacks. The padded multi-colour design was inspired by classic ski-wear and they all feature the iconic¬†Yoshida and Co¬†logo patch. They also have a rather cool clothing line called ‘Head Porter Plus’, all of which is available over at Hanon.

Shop the Head Porter collection at Hanon, here.

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