Hensch Man Sunset Steve Shirt

Sometimes you’ve just got to embrace your inner Hawaiian. No, not the pizza… pineapple with ham is a worse combination than a beef flavoured milkshake. What I’m talking about is surfing steez, Hawaiian style. If this was fifty quid I could probably say something about Hawaii 5-0 but it’s not so I won’t.

This is another of those things I look at and go “YEAH!” but then imagine myself in and go “HAHAHA you dick, you’re from Stockport and you eat too many chips”.

That says more about me than this shirt though. It’d suit you down to the ground, you know that.

Whether you’re surfing an obscure coastal spot or just surfing the internet like me, this is a bold look. One only the coolest people could pull off. Any shirt that necessitates the addition of a pocket comb is fine by me.

Get it here.

stevesun-pocket stevesun-front

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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