Infinities: Reebok Classics


Though I’m not too sure how it happened but it seems the welcome reappearance of Reebok Classics, Workouts, Phase Pros & co. has resulted in them becoming the shoe to be seen in by those in the know at the moment. Maybe this popularity was kick-started by the Garbstore collabs or the Reebok Classic twitter account  firing up some ace archive images of Pamela Anderson in her classics or Shaun Ryder singing about playing funky tennis in his. Or it could be the forthcoming film made by the Rig Out crew that has got everyone going seriously nuts about these most British of trainers. Or it could be more to do with the fact that they look proper cool with pretty much any outfit or perhaps just that they are very well made and ridiculously comfy to wear. I have no idea but regardless  I love mine and Infinities have got a real nice Reebok selection for you to find out for yourself why we’re all going nuts for Reebok HERE.

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1408097647-53668400 (1)


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