Instrmnt Sample Sale


Instrmnt are having a sample sale on Friday night, with free beer and an absolutely mental 70% off some “gently” used items. I guess that just means they have been worn for testing for, like, a minute; or tried on by the designers and they’ve thought, “yep, let’s get that made” or “I’m not sure about that” but they’ve thankfully since changed their mind and put them into full production. So, thanks to this sample sale, you will have the chance to own a super-special, pre-production version of one of their products. Winner.

I have no idea if they thought that, but if you are in the vicinity of 39 Parnie Street, Glasgow, on Friday night, you can go and have a look and let us know. Or just get a good watch on the cheap. Whatever. It’s your life.

RSVP on their Facebook, here.



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