Introducing… La Paz Clothing

It seems a hell of a lot of the clothing we wear these days hails from sunny, salty Portugal, so it’s great to see an actual Portuguese brand starting to make a name for itself. Especially when it’s a label with an equally impressive ethical and aesthetic outlook as La Paz. Following a rich Portuguese tradition the people behind this new label spend a lot of their time spanning the globe from Tibet to Turkey sourcing the finest artisan craft and urban wear they can find to influence their designs and to stock in their amazing shop ‘Merchant ‘Studio’ in the city of Porto. Though they’ve been making t-shirts and dabbling with rare vintage textiles for a while, this year has seen La Paz release their first ‘proper’ menswear collection. As you’d perhaps expect given this nation’s fine sea-faring history there’s a strong oceanic theme to their jackets, knitwear, hats, shirts, t-shirts, trousers and Atlantic friendly long-johns. It’s great to see a model with a bit of character too, namely the old sea-dog appearing in these shots, who’s sporting the kind of majestic beard you could catch sardines in. He makes me want to buy one of their lovely Shetland wool ‘Antunes’ jumpers more than a roomful of hipsters ever could.



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