Introducing… Proper Talent

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Our quest for world domination continues this week as we add yet another arm to our octopus-like organisation.

Not content with writing stuff on here, publishing a magazine, working for brands and retailers on projects and of course building Hikerdelic, we’ve now captured a handsome young chap named Harrison Giles to head up our new Proper Talent offering.

When finding the right people to work with over the last few years we’ve partnered up with plenty of great agencies and talented individuals. This might be on photoshoots, video projects or general consulting. We just know there are some top people out there and with the work we’ve done and the people we’ve met, we know we can connect them.

So, male, female or otherwise, if you look good in nice clothes, you’re over 18 and you think you’ve got something to offer, get in touch with H now. If you’ve got a side hustle going even better. Maybe you’re a DJ or you’ve got a decent insta following which you’re not currently seeing much benefit from. We just want some new mates, basically.

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I had pizza for tea.

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