It means something to me… adidas Vienna returns

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Remember that Stone Roses episode of Blood on the Turntables? Great telly, that.

Around the time, there was some other thing on UKPlay or one of those old cable channels where Mani was wearing a pair of amazing white adidas trainers. Gum sole, red stripes. It was early 00s, the height of the eBay trainer wars and the Vienna hadn’t been around for a while. Sure, you could have a pair of Rom which were from the same family, but they were in Wynsors and the like, so you know… bit meh.

Anyway, I eventually got a pair from eBay, after a fight to the death in the depths of night.

Sold them on a few weeks later. It wasn’t about the owning, it was about the pursuit. Shallow as fuck.

Anyway, if that version of me was around now he’d be beside himself with excitement at the new adidas are bringing the Vienna back. And if the version of me from about 2006 was around, he’d buy some just to take a picture of next to the sign of the street he lived on, Vienna Road. Yeah, I might be a wally now but I was even more of a wally back then.

Anyway, Size? are bringing it back with adidas. Available in a few days.

I had pizza for tea.

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