It Really Does Universally Work

There comes a stage in life when you ought to clear out the exaggerated tendencies that you’ve gathered in your wardrobe. Is that audacious colourblock jacket that you only feel comfortable wearing with one pair of grey trousers justifying itself? Do you really need the same silhouette in 10 colourways? Is there a reason that you’re hanging onto a niche Italian embroidered Christmas jumper from the ’70s? (that last one might just be me.) 

I guess what I’m getting at is that some items of clothing universally work. Some don’t. And sometimes, cleaning out your wardrobe is a great feeling. 

Anyway: Universal Works works universally. That’s not just a bad pun: that’s the point of the brand. Function, fit, and cut are placed at the forefront. Universal Works is a brand that knows itself and its devoted customers. 

There’s a lot of good Universal Works going at Oi Polloi – and a lot of it is discounted, too. 

Shop Universal Works at Oi Polloi.

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