KEEN and HYKE join forces again

Our favourite friends at KEEN have done some winning collaborations of late and this is another that has garnered some attention for all the right reasons. They’ve been working again with HYKE, a design collective that merges heritage and evolution to introduce their second collaboration of 2023, the UNEEK HT MID HYKE. The HT bit refers to an acronym where “HT” signifies Hybrid Technology.

When you’re known pretty well for your summer footwear, what do you do about the colder, more damp months? You can either introduce conventional, specific styles with more challenging conditions in mind (which they do very well) or you can take your celebrated spring/summer silhouette and adapt it for autumn and winter. That’s kind of what they’ve done here. One of the most noticeable features of this model is the upper, crafted from polyurethane-coated leather boasting exceptional water-repellent properties ensuring the shoe retains its original charm even while facing the elements.

Available from KEEN here

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