KEEN on Coffee with Oli Hooson

If you’re a freeze-dried, instant coffee type of person then this probably isn’t for you. However if you’re the type who obsesses over quality, culture and a good story, read on. Instagram content guy Oli Hooson takes us on a guided tour through London’s game-changing coffee shops, and he’s wearing KEEN’s AW22 Jasper shoe while doing it.

Led by a lust for caffeinated beverages, Oli takes us on a two-wheeled tour through the capital’s tranquil suburbs and bustling high streets in search of the perfect blend. Drawing a parallel between coffee culture and clothing and footwear culture, the shoe of choice is KEEN’s Jasper which is inspired by European approach shoes, boasting comfort, quality and an eye-catching design.

Coffee shops visited include Good as Gold, Batch Baby, Lift, Formative. All sound like they’re worth looking up if you’re in the capital. And if coffee isn’t your thing, maybe the shoes on show are.

Check them out here.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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