LVC 1880 Triple Pleat Blouse Denim Jacket

1880_triple_pleat_blouse_denim_jacket_-_goose_egg_2_ (1)

Seeing as denim jackets pretty much last forever, there’s really no point in buying an ‘alright’ one or a raw version that needs loads of breaking in. As unless you’re a (bad) rodeo rider, breaking in a denim jacket can takes years of your life to do and frankly who can wait years to look dead cool? The solution of course comes from Levi’s Vintage Clothing who as part of their SS16 Home Run collection have recreated one of Levi’s oldest and best jackets. Featuring a beautiful trio of pleats,a cinch-back, loads of authentic tears and patches and having distressed to an amazing washed out indigo colour termed ‘Goose Egg’ by the ridiculously talented design team at LVC this is truly the ultimate in denim jackets.

Buy yourself (and me) one from Peggs & Son here.







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