Maharishi Eagle Crest T-Shirt

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Yes Ok I might be jumping the gun here a bit and it’ll probably be snowing by the time I press ‘Publish’ on this feature but the sun is currently shining so lets have a look at an ace new t-shirt shall we? Though they have an impressive number of tees in their 100% pacifist armoury this embroidered, ecru coloured Eagle Crest one is a particular high point in their SS18 collection. Like a lot of their gear it has that exotic ’48hrs R&R in Saigon’ air about it that’s balanced out with an equal amount of nineties New Age Zen going on. Which of course combine to makes this a very ‘now’ item of clothing, so lets all head over to Wellgosh and get kitted up before the weather turns and we all have to start looking at massive jackets again.

Buy a Maharishi tee from Wellgosh here.


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