Maharishi SS15 camouflage DPM: Bonsai e Alighiero

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This Maharishi mish-mash contains a collection of all the usual natural shapes you’d see on the various camo fabrics. It’s not designed to help you blend in during night time manoeuvres but stand out in your every day life. This means I can’t really use my tired old “I can’t see it” joke. It’s good stuff though.

Maharishi reminds me of before I had kids and I went a bit streetwear without realising. While it slipped silently off my radar as I became an expert nappy changer, it has re-emerged looking really appealing. I’m a bit bored of everyone dressing like train drivers, even though it’s all smart stuff. I fancy clinging onto my youth ever so slightly longer and if that means donning ironic camouflage then you can’t stop me. You’re not my real Dad.

Get this from a number of places, which I’m not going to tell you because frankly, it’s worth looking for. And as we’ve established, you should be able to find it. That’s the whole point.MAHA1 MAHA2 MAHA3 MAHA4 MAHA5 MAHA6 MAHA7 MAHA8 MAHA9 MAHA10

I had pizza for tea.

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