MLS 2017 All-Star game jersey by Adidas

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We love the MLS. Everyone loves the MLS. The MLS is ace. Every year The MLS organises an ‘All-Star Game’, featuring select players from the league against an international club. This year’s crop of MLS All-stars will take to the pitch wearing this stunning shirt from Adidas on August 2nd when they face Real Madrid at Soldier Field in Chicago.

I’ve used the Internet to try and find-out what the point of the All-star game is and, in a perfectly MLS way, there doesn’t appear to be one, which is fine obviously as long as it produces a shirt like this one.

It’s not been confirmed who is playing for the All-stars in this year’s game yet and the MLS are forever changing the method of selecting a squad for the game. Last year players for the All-Star team were chosen by fans via SnapChat which is obviously a mad yet brilliant idea and completely MLS.

This shirt takes inspiration from the USA’s absolute stone cold classic World Cup 1994 shirt. The stars are spread over most of the shirt and look as ace now as they did when Diana Ross was pissing-about missing open-nets with a beach-ball. They’ve even chucked a couple of maple leaves on there too so the Canadian teams don’t get fed-up aboot being left-oot. Even the target-shaped sponsor’s logo on the front (unsurprisingly the logo of ‘Target’) is subtle enough to look like a designer rather than a marketer came-up with it.

I’ve no idea where you can buy this shirt. As they’re only going to wear it for one game I don’t even know if it will be made available for sale. You could always get a 1994 USA shirt (they must be pretty cheap by now) and some navy Dylon.


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