Moschino Loves Burgers

Moschino has a thing for burgers. And not just in a we-like-burgers kind of way, but in a our-bags-are-burgers kind of way. Who wants a Moschino burger?

moschino burger

When Franco Moschino founded Moschino in 1983, the brand offered a distinct alternative to fashion at the time. It was, in Franco’s words, intended to “be fun and send a message.” 

When he died in 1994, his protégé Rossella Jardini took the helm until 2013, where the torch was passed onto Jeremy Scott, whose whimsical collections are a testament to Franco’s unique and often eccentric vision. 

The reason for the burger love, however, is a big in-joke. Katy Perry wore a burger dress to 2019’s Met Gala. Scott loved it, and built an entire SS22 collection around the iconic burger. 

It includes bags, t-shirts, and various other bits, but on our end, the Moschino Couture! t-shirt that references the burger is enough. It’s subtle and playful, like Franco’s Moschino ought to be. 

Head to John Anthony for a look.

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Moschino Burger at John Anthony.  

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