Nanamica at Oi Polloi

Nanamica’s motto is “One Ocean, All Lands” which roughly means that everything, including the ocean, is entirely connected, most likely by the ocean itself. This is an image of the world that places the Ocean at the centre, like this giant piece of liquid glue that holds it all in place.

When I try to imagine this scenario in concrete terms, my brain conjures up images of Pangea – that giant landmass that all of the continents sprung from, once upon a time – where everything is pretty much touching. I can’t help but think how mad the ocean might have been. Anyway, I think if you were anywhere near it, you’d need a hardy coat. Nanamica’s coats are born out of that slick Japanese functionalism that suggests if even a drop of rain was to find itself touching you, it’d be repelled like a bullet hitting bulletproof glass – or, how it looks in the movies, anyway. 

Oi Polloi has just re-upped their stock of Nanamica’s coats, including Gore-Tex down coats, Cruisers, and Insulated jackets. 

As the weather turns grey and autumn approaches, even if we aren’t living in the turbulent times of Pangea, it’d be wise to consider equipping yourself with one of Nanamica’s insanely well-constructed beauties. 

Shope the range now at Oi Polloi

Shop Nanamica at Oi Polloi.

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