Nanamica Day Pack

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Sickening though it is that TNF Purple label gear isn’t readily available on these fair isles, at least we can still get our discerning mits on Nanamica. Which if you didn’t know is made by the same people in the same country, with perhaps just an extra bit of Japanese pizzazz added to the mix. Combining classic designs with state of the art technical details the ‘house of the seven seas’ really know what they’re taking about when it comes to merging function¬†and fashion. This Cordura day pack is a perfect example of what they do so well, featuring a water repellent coating and sturdy leather straps and zip pulls both it’s design and fabrication have both been made to last. Ideal kit whether you’re walking up Mount Fuji or commuting down in Chelsea.

Buy a Nanamica Day Pack from Wellgosh here.


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