Nanamica SS20

A comfortable breeze blows carrying with it the smell of the new season. The ocean is calm. Does the seasonal wind carry the smell even to a city of skyscrapers? Don’t become numbed by how quickly everything passes by.
When you’re here, you really only need the bare necessities. All you need is the comfortable breeze.

No I’ve not been on the gluhwein, I’m quoting from the Nanamica Spring/Summer look book which following on from last season is a continuation of their ocean loving ‘roots’ theme. Which also reflects the incredible amount of thought and functionality that goes into each and every one of their designs as well as their ability to stand the test of time.

Kicking the season off with standard colours of navy, black, beige, and brown there are also classic sports colours such as mustard and teal blue.
Whilst shirts come in shades of pale lime green and knits employ a pleasing shaded, fade-effect. Whereas the mid season drop will feature smoky pastels such as greyish blues, greens, and pinks but with a lovely lived-in feel to them.


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