Needles C.P. Jacket

Brand new for SS21 and not to be confused with the C.P. Needles jacket*, this is the Needles C.P. Jacket.

OK so there isn’t an actual C.P. Needles jacket but I couldn’t resist a menswear style dad joke, apologies. Made in Japan and looking like a Mo Wax record cover this eye-catching Pollock-esque khaki smother features a stand-alone collar, a fishtail hem, branded buttons and adjustable cuffs. A true statement piece this is the ideal piece to make your long-awaited return to the beer garden in next month though if you want to wear it in your house whilst taking loads of selfies that no one else will ever get to see then that’s fine too.

*totally made up btw

Buy a Needles C.P. Jacket from Wellgosh here.

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