New adidas Summer Pumps at Oi Polloi

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This trio of tasty trainers dropped this week at our local emporium of all things sartorial and smart, Oi Polloi.

Each of these archival styles may have been born with indoor sports pursuits in mind, but don’t let that stop you wearing them as you polish off Aldi beer in your garden as you contemplate the best time of day to water the grass. Don’t let it put you off wearing them as you trail around The Range with your wife as she asks your opinion on things you could not care less about. Don’t even let it put you off wearing them to your holiday, which you’ve taken in full knowledge of the implications regarding quarantine. And don’t let it put you off wearing them in the house, in front of a mirror then posting them on the socials. What I’m saying is all three pairs have their own merits and were born of necessity, but these days it’s testament to the staying power of the three stripes that they’ve transcended usefulness and are instead a source of personal expression, even if you’re at a garden centre or a beach.

Bit deep for a Friday afternoon that isn’t it?

Just click the link and see more here.

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I had pizza for tea.

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