New Aquascutum gear at Grants 1856

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Now, far be it from me to suggest the house check is on its way back. But it is, isn’t it? Gone are the days of septum-less soap actresses causing the check to be plaid out. Burberry is one thing but I always preferred Aqua. It was the drinking mans Burb IMVVVHO. And I was a drinking man.

These days I do a little more thinking than drinking, something I reckon I’ve got in common with one of Aquascutum’s most hardy advocates, Mike Skinner. He’s off on a much anticipated tour this month and it would not surprise me one jot (not sure why I’m measuring things in jots, I don’t even know what one is) if his brand of angsty pop poetry is the soundtrack to loads of lads wearing Aquascutum again.

What you saying?

See it all at Grants, yeah?





I had pizza for tea.

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