New Balance 3 Peaks Collection

If anyone was going to do a pair of trainers named in honour of Scafell Pike it was going to be New Balance, after all their factory is located in the shadows of it. (Well, not really, but almost, it just sounds better this way.)

I spotted these online a while back but it wasn’t until I caught sight of them during a trip to Leeds the other week that I truly appreciated just how nice they actually are. The colours just work, shades of greens and beiges contrasted with reds and yellows, looks good, when they probably shouldn’t.

This is what New Balance are really good at. Doing things that shouldn’t work. Take the recent Tea Pack for example. Naming trainers after varieties of tea, it’s as if they’re trying too hard, but they aren’t. And that’s the beauty of it.

This pair of trainers is also part of a pack. Along with its siblings, Ben Nevis and Snowdon, Scafell Pike is part of the New Balance Three Peaks Pack. There’s a simple explanation for this, because in real life these three big hills are known as the Three Peaks.

Available from atoo now, the Three Peaks Pack, is an ace release from the Flimby factory of New Balance. Imagine how menswear it’d be to buy a pair of Scafell Pike and go to the top of Scafell Pike in them, yeah, very.

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new-balance-m576ebo-three-peaks-uk-orange-accents (5)


new-balance-m576ebo-three-peaks-uk-orange-accents (4) new-balance-m576ekg-three-peaks-uk-yellow-accents (4)

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