New Balance introduces the 991v2

The iconic New Balance 991 silhouette just got a bespoke British makeover, and it’s pretty, pretty good. Say hello to the 991v2, proudly Made in the UK and poised to steal the hearts of footwear aficionados everywhere.

As part of the launch of this shoe, the campaign film features Michelin Star maestro, Massimo Bottura, who just so happens to possess a jaw-dropping collection of over 100 pairs of New Balance trainers.

The film documents the journey from Flimby to Milan, as we follow a pair of pristine 991v2s. This narrative pays homage to the Italian connection of the 991 and also features a special appearance by Loyle Carner, and a few other close friends of New Balance.

Launching on on 27th October, these are sure to be well-received.

Mark Smith

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