New Juventus Kits for 15/16 season

We don’t talk about football enough on here. I mean, there’s not a great deal about it of interest these days, but there must be some link because I’m still looking forward to seeing my team don a new Joma kit in Division 6 next season.

We occasionally get press releases fired our way that are football related and having seen some of the total frauds out there in the blogosphere talking about football and football culture, we thought it was about time we dipped our toe in the water.

Ok, so the home Juve kit looks like something Faustino Asprilla would wear to a roller disco (which is obviously a good thing). Undertones of Geordieness are unfounded though. Any football geek knows the origin of the Turin side’s kit and I’ll not patronise you any further by going into it.

It’s the away kit though. It’s all about that. It’s pink. Not as some charity gimmick, or because someone’s Mrs put a pair of red culottes in with a white wash, but because it just is. They wore pink as their main kit over 100 years ago too, apparently. Any team that chooses a pink away kit is fine by me. The fact their nickname eschews the usual twee conventions we see in England is even better. Forza The Old Lady, then as she begins her 6 year partnership with adidas.

Is that enough football geekery? I didn’t call it a uniform once did I?

Clubs_FW15_Juventus_Home_square Juventus_details_digital_4_square Juventus_details_digital_5_square Juventus_Home_4Player_2x1_PR Clubs_FW15_Juventus_Away_horizontal Clubs_FW15_Juventus_Away_square

I had pizza for tea.

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