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“In the current climate” is something we keep hearing a lot on TV. Unfortunately it refers more to having to take your shoes off at airports and not leave unattended bags on trains.

Remember when climate was something your Nana mentioned when referring to hot foreign countries?

“Ooh, I’d go there but the climate wouldn’t suit me and my legs”
“We went to Jersey once, me and your Grandad, and it was lovely. Breezy but warm. A lovely climate”

You get the idea.

In an effort to reclaim the phrase “In the current climate” I’m going to do something really, really predictable. I’m going to talk about coats again.

The twist in the tale here of course is I’m talking about a Portuguese retailer who sells very substantial winter wear. Newfangle Clothing to be precise. Surely their collection of beaches and more favourable proximity to the equator means massive warm jackets are less of a necessity? It appears not, because their website is full of sale bargains for the keen coat enthusiast.

Brands like the native La Paz to London’s Garbstore are available. Even if you’re as picky as your Grandmother when it comes to getting the right temperature, there’s enough variety to suit you. Check it out. Oh and while you’re there, grab one of their ace Aguda bucket hats.

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