Nike Air Huarache Light – size? Exclusive


Much as I’ve admired the recent Hurache explosion from afar, I now feel like jumping in with both of my big feet as they’ve gone and made a pair for hikerdelic, hippy head-cases like me. I now no longer fear of looking like mutton dressed as a street lamb because these Huaraches Lights look like the kind of trainers that a modern day Jim Morrison would wear for a bit of peyote patrol out on the prairie or as the design blurb rather nicely puts it:  A lateral labyrinth of cavities and canyons extend endlessly into the horizon, emphasising the sheer scale and bewildering beauty of Moab, Utah. As the sun sets, the deep hues of blue in the sky, reply to the burnt sand and rocks below, creating a surreal shade of orange running parallel between the two. There’s also something very ACG about this pair of size? exclusives isn’t there? Another important footwear factor that manages to massively ring my colorado campfire bell.

Available from size? online and all their stores from Friday the 31st of October.







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