Nike Air Max 90 Ice Pack

What’s the best thing to wear on your feet if they’re sore and swollen? An ice pack, of course. In fact your feet don’t even need to have anything wrong with them for you to wear these Air Max 90s from the Ice Pack. They look like something Jack Frost would stand outside the off license looking menacing in. Like something a snowman would go breakdancing in. Like something a Fox’s Glacier Mint Polar Bear would wear on a treadmill, before falling off and getting thrown out of the gym for being a Polar Bear.

I’ve been drinking too much diet coke. Sorry, about that.

Yeah though, Nike Air Max 90. As I grew up, they began being an exciting sports shoe with a little bubble in the heel, only owned by the kids whose parents had two cars. As time went by, they became the preserve of the madheads who accessorised them with an unlit, as yet unsmoked cigarette behind their ear. Trainers to wear while spitting needlessly on the floor.

These days, the scalls have grown up and their patronage of the Air Max 90 is no longer as strong as it was. Good. It means I can wear them now, without getting looked at like I’ve just robbed some lead.

All a bit North West this post isn’t it? I don’t care. I’ve written it now.

Channel your inner hipster/toerag with a pair of these from Peggs and Sons. Don’t get them in a 9 yet though. I want some.

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