Nike Air VaporMax D/MS/X DSVM Trainers at Aphrodite

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It’s funny to think of some of the most iconic names in pop culture, and how much different our world would be if they’d gone with something different—if The Beatles went with The Quarrymen would they have ever left Merseyside? Nike were apparently perilously close to being called Dimension Six, which sounds destined for the clearance rack to us. Luckily,
that moniker has also inspired the Swoosh to create a new pack of weird and wonderful silhouettes, starting with this VaporMax-equipped beauty.

While the name may pack more acronyms than a molecular biology thesis, the Nike D/MS/X DSVM trainer reminds us more of the other ACRONYM, the high-tech, impossible-to-find brand from techwear ninja Errolson Hugh. It’s like a Presto and a VaporMax Utility got merged in some kind of The Fly situation, only much less horrifying. That’s summer sorted for the tech-ninja crowd.

Get your pair from Aphrodite Clothing now.


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