Nudie Jeans AW15

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7. Nudie Jeans Lifestyle Fall 2015

I love how Nudie Jeans have modestly described their latest season’s collection as ‘Sustainable Contemporary Basics‘. I mean yes it’s all very, very wearable and ‘now’ plus I admit it’s all made very ethically and responsibly with all their denim being made from 100% organic cotton but basic? Nah mate. Though it maybe de rigeur down Gothenburg way, you walk around my manor in one of those Karl Parkas and a pair of Lean Deans on and you’ll be a million miles from basic, you’ll be bloody bionic mate. Come to think of it, I was in Gothenburg earlier in the year and everyone does look pretty super human over there. Well these garms might be basic to that freakishly attractive Swedish lot but not to us mere mortals, for us they’re the keys to valhalla. Check out the goodness HERE.

Accessories 2015_0013_Grupp 12

parka polar  36029

Karl Parka Green 160320G01 582


Accessories 2015_0000_Grupp 1

Stanley Recycled Blue 140347B20  34

O-Neck Tee Magic Comes Black 131383B01 03

Karlsson Keyring 180539 01

Lean Dean Black Haze 111856 35955

Straight Alf Blue Haul 111915 34838

Thin Finn Dry Selvage Comfort 111868  34507

big small tree 170185y03  36843


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