Oi Polloi x Carhartt

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Our clothes friends Oi Polloi have made some nice sweatshirts with American work-wear aficionados Carhartt, and all just in time for the impending Shorts and Jumper Weather©*.

Blending the brand’s decades of expertise in making great clothes with Oi Polloi’s iconic technicolour lettering, the pair deliver a bunch of top-of-the-range Chase Sweats, which means they’re warm, comfortable and everything else you want a sweat to be.

They’re available from 18:00 on 23/08 on the Oi Polloi website and in-store. Get one or forever regret not.

*Shorts and Jumper Weather© is much the same as Shorts and Coats Weather©, but with a big jumper replacing a big coat.


Absolutely well into house plants.

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