Our Legacy AW16


Having hung out a bit in Sweden this year I now know exactly what it is that makes Our Legacy so perfect. Basically it’s because it comes from a place where everything is proper sorted. Everybody takes loads of time of work, the cities are dead easy to get around, the countryside is beautiful, the people are all dead healthy looking and everywhere smells of cinnamon and freshly cut wood. It’s like heaven over there (especially if you like liquorice and chewing tobacco) and what kind of gear would we all wear if we lived in heaven? Ta-da!! Our Legacy of course and fortunately for those of us not quite ready to go to heaven yet, God has just dropped some of his heavenly garms off at Oi Polloi. Now is that the beating of angels wings I can hear? Or is it Nigel wafting me with his cap because I’ve just fainted?

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