Overshirts at Yards

Over garms, under garms, wandering free – overshirts are very common these days. The main reason being, they’re just so bloody versatile. We British have a deep rooted mistrust of the weather, because we’ve been hurt so many times before. We talk about it a lot, even on these very pages. That’s why we love a good overshirt so much, it allows you to hedge your bets a little bit. Throw one over a tee when it’s warm, but it’s not that warm. Or, stick one under a lightweight jacket as a bit of extra insurance. What’s more, they look good on you – like you’re off to do an honest day’s work, even if nothing could be further from the truth. Perception is everything. 

Here are some we’ve found at Yards which we think you could make good use of…

If you’re looking for something that really hits the mark, set your sights on this offering from TSPTR, based on an authentic USMC sniper jacket. The breezy ecru and blue colourway and bellowed front chest pockets ensure this iteration is more suited to taking out your other half than an enemy combatant. 

If Portuguese marine-themed menswear floats your boat, La Paz should be your first Porto call. Get yourself decked out in a Ramos bleach denim overshirt immediately.

Our German cousins are obsessed with technical detail in the same way that we’re obsessed with the weather. These two national preoccupations come together beautifully in this Teutonic tech shirt from uber-cool Berliners, Stay Hungry. 

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