Palace x adidas Originals AW15

Take the old, the new and sprinkle them with a touch of Andrij Voronin and it all looks surprisingly smart.

Palace and adidas aren’t the most obvious bedfellows, but that to my mind is why it works. Sure, they’re probably not counting on a lad from Stockport with a fat back being into it, but I am. It makes me harp back to my childhood when adidas stuff like this was a mainstay, and I almost rode a skateboard once.

It’s everything a menswear mashup should be. It challenges perceptions just enough without making everyone point and laugh, it’s wearable as fuck and it’ll surely be sought after enough to see it end up on eBay for inflated prices. I might buy the hat.

Out in a few days, apparently. Set your watch.

palace-adidas-winter-2015-01-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-02-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-03-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-04-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-05-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-06-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-07-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-08-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-09-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-10-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-11-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-13-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-15-1200x800 palace-adidas-winter-2015-16-1200x800

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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