Paraboot Michael Marche cowhide shoe

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File these in the folder “I like that they exist, but…”

There’s little chance many of us would feel comfortable donning these but that doesn’t mean they’re not noteworthy. Paraboot has always occupied a place in our coeur, such is our appreciation for all things French. Only this morning I was forced by my Uber driver to listen to a ludicrous display of Xenophobia from some berk on Talksport. He was going on about some fishing dispute around Jersey, calling the French cowards and expressing surprise that they weren’t throwing brie at us. I know it’s all a bit of radio panto and it gets hammed up to keep the numbers up but still, shut up, mate. The French are a great bunch of lads.

The Paraboot Michael is their best-known shoe. Its ugly-pretty vibes are right up our rue and it’s one of those silhouettes that’s hard to reinvent. Paraboot was founded in 1908 at the foot of the French alps in an area known for footwear manufacture. Many of those makers will have gone but Paraboot endured through everything through classic designs and a strong brand. As such, when they pull together something a bit different like this, there’s a ripple of applause in our office, mixed with a measure of discomfort at the overuse of cowhide. But then, most shoes are made out of animal skin, so whatevs.

Enough political/commentary from me this morning anyway, go and gaze at these in more detail and convince yourself that you understand their need to exist.

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I had pizza for tea.

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