Patrick remake 1980s A.S. Roma football shirt for AW23

Few brands can claim as deep-rooted an association with football as Patrick.

Founded in 1892 by Eugene Beneteau, the story began with a shoe and leather factory in a small town in France. In the 1920s, his son Patrice took over and made shoes for his local football team and slowly but surely word got around of this specialisation.

Endorsements from key stars of the 70s and 80s saw the brand’s football roots further authenticated, while on the terraces, the trend for sartorial one-upmanship began to take hold, and the Patrick cagoule became a staple item.

Today, Patrick returns to the pitch and indeed terraces with renewed vigour. The most recent example of this recalls their 1980s heyday and a standout relationship with A.S Roma.

Inspired by this heritage, a new range has just launched, taking inspiration from that iconic era when football attire came to life.

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