Pica~Post No.8 – Birds, the Byrds and B’Burn’s B-Boys

Coming from the same part of the world as the chaps behind Oi Polloi, it’s fair to say we’re on the same page as them on a lot of things. Literally, in the case of Pica~Post. I’ve written loads of stuff for them over the years, most recently in the latest issue.

Pica~Post Issue 8 features an ace interview with Gary Aspden, whose collaborative work with Oi Polloi on the Topanga/Ardwick release saw mad scenes around Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Queues snaking around the block and national newspaper coverage heralded the launch of the Ardwick. Accompanying the Ardwick in the Spezial range was some timeless leisurewear, designed by Aspden and the roots of this are covered comprehensively in the Pica~Post interview.

In addition to that, a city centre shoot involving birds of prey is a typically Oi Polloi off-the-wall idea. All in all it’s well worth the tuppence they’re charging for it.

With dozens of copyists following diligently in their wake, Oi Polloi have had to use projects like Pica~Post to show they’re still leading the way. Other shops can easily ape their buying policy, but very few can come up with something as lovely and irreverent as Pica~Post.

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