Pleasures’ Graphic Design is Always Exciting

Pleasures’ output intends to connect the globe through controversy.

gas mask bong

Ever since Pleasures was founded by Alex James in 2015, the brand has stuck out for its eye-catching and controversial designs. 

In 2016, the brand catapulted itself from the position of streetwear newbies to coveted – if slightly contentious – icons, by plastering Kurt Cobain’s suicide note onto a t-shirt. The move upset diehard fans and grunge stans, but succeeded by getting everyone talking, and reached commercial success. The t-shirt sold out rapidly. 

Since then, Pleasures has reached out to graphic designers the world over, using freelance designers from around the globe and building an in-house team at their HQ in California. 

Aside from controversial statements, the brand is renowned for consistent and innovative graphic output and illustration. The latest piece, featuring a design by Andi Repke, showcases that, as a spandex-clad woman wearing a gas mask bong graces the t-shirt’s chest. 

Head to John Anthony for more of Pleasures’ unique illustration and design. 

Pleasures at John Anthony

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