Proper Interview: Joe Donovan, Blossoms

Without a doubt one of our favourite human beings on the planet, it’s with great joy that we present our latest Q&A with international pop star Joe Donovan. ‘Keith Moon for the PlayStation generation’ Joe is the talented drummer with the anthemic pop Gods that are Blossoms. So can we have a drum roll please for our mate Joe…….

Mate how are you???

I’m alright thanks mate, keeping myself busy with hitting boxes and playing scissors. 

How has it been going from international pop star to full on isolation?

This is the longest I’ve spent at home since we started the band so it feels mad! Been busy getting into the rehearsal room making demos and that, so we’ve been pretty productive! of course in the height of the lockdown making the covers was fun and a bit different. 

How are the rest of the lads? Are you still managing to rip the piss out of Myles on Zoom? Has Tom written another album? Have Josh and Charlie had kids yet?

Lads are good, I’ve missed Myles but I don’t think he’s missed me, Tom’s been a machine with writing and I think Josh and Charlie are still trying

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the isolation tunes you’ve put out, how difficult was it to find improvised percussive devices and which was your favourite ‘instrument’?

Nice one mate! I really enjoyed just looking around the house in draws and hitting random things to see what sound they made. Then I wrote a list of what sounds like what, so when it came to the covers I’d have some sort of idea what I was going to use. I reckon my favourite was the potato peeler or the corkscrew.

How has lockdown affected the business/running side of the band?

Yeah it’s obviously been shit! Touring is a band’s biggest income but everyone is going through it aren’t they? All you can do is find ways to be productive! I went into the new place and started decorating, then when things started to ease the lads came in and we got it looking mint and now we’re in the new rehearsal room making demos and loving it!

What does the future look like at the moment? Do you know when your next gig will be?

No we don’t have a clue, so for the time being we’re just looking at getting into the studio and getting a new album done. 

Are there any plans to come back to Edgeley Park and do another astonishingly good gig?

We’d love too so hopefully one day we will! It was a mint night so we’d love to do something like that in stockport again. SK MASSIVE. 

Just before the pandemic you’d moved into a new rehearsal space, how’s that looking now?

It’s looking mint! We’re really happy with it, It’s a proper hub that feels creative and comfortable so that’s the main thing, you’ll have to come down and have a look I’ll get some fancy ales in and we can talk about jackets 

Going back to your personal situation, as a fellow clothing obsessive, have you been buying lots of new gear during lockdown? Spill…

I haven’t yano, I’ve got my sewing machine out a few times trying to make a smock and a few other bits, so who knows maybe I’ll knock a few up for us. I’ve really enjoyed having the time to sew again so I’m gonna make it my mission to start making some clothes for next year I think. 

What else has kept you going during isolation, been checking out any new/old music/films?

Fifa has been a bit of an obsession I’m sad to say! But me and Sophia have been watching loads of telly, some boss series like ‘Succession’ and ‘Boardwalk Empire’. music wise I’ve been loving the Style Council, I think when the weather was really good I’d sit in the garden messing about with my Vespa with em on and I was loving it! But fuck me that’s obvious init, messing around with a Vespa blasting Paul Weller, tragic but I loved it so leave me alone. 

How many Stellas do you reckon you have got through during lockdown?

Far far farrr too many! Or maybe not enough, I don’t know. What I do know if that coffee will sort you out the morning after so who’s counting? 

Finally, do you have a message for your fans?

Yeah, I don’t think I have fans but if you’re reading this then please help out grassroots venues, whether it’s a small donation of even just signing a petition, these venues are so important so we should do everything to try and save them. Check out WE MAKE EVENTS as well because there’s so many people who have fallen through the caps and are struggling at the moment who need help! Look after one another and just be nice. Oh and drink Stella x

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