Proper Picks – October 2023

It’s the month of hovering your finger over the central heating switch. Or maybe it’s not anymore, who knows? Look, climate aside we’ve put another list of things together that we like and thought you might like too.

A.P.C 3 Pack Candles
Do aerosol air fresheners make you sneeze? They do? Same! On the flip side, these candles don’t. Or shouldn’t. Nice smell too.
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Novesta Star Master Hiker Shoe
Take the Star Master we all know and have owned at some point, and apply a sprinkling of seasonal sauce to it.
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Arcs Hey Sling Bag
Keep seeing these bags everywhere, and not just on the cool kids.
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YMC Beach Jacquard Fleece Jacket
Imagine yourself crawling out of the sea after an unseasonally fresh dip. Revitalised, like some sort of unhealthy Wim Hoff. Wim Sloth maybe? Then you put this on and everything is fine again.
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Napapijri S-Warholm T-Shirt
Behind every good t-shirt is a nice back print.
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Kavu Teannaway Fleece
We’ve mentioned this fleece in all of its iterations far too much already but we feel little remorse because it’s lovely.
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Rumpl Gran Canyon National Park Puffy Blanket
You’re sitting on your garden bench consuming a hot cup of coffee, it’s Sunday night. Last night was a heavy one but you’re here for the fresh air. You’d be shivering but thankfully you’ve got one of these blankets around you.
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Manchester Union Brewery Black Lager
You may remember our own Hikerdelic black lager created with local favourites Manchester Union. They’ve now released a version of their own and it’s sure to keep you topped up for winter.
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Montbell Men’s Storm Cruiser
Having been drenched by rain of late, on no less than two occasions, the importance of this type of jacket cannot be underplayed.
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New Balance Rainier Low Leather Boot
When people refer to beef and broccoli it’s a bit annoying but that’s what these put us in mind of, so all good tbh.
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Flower Mountain Yamano 3 – Anthracite
Autumnal colours come correct in one of our favourite shoes of the last few years.
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And Wander Dinex Mug
Classic cup merchants Dinex know their stuff on this sort of thing. And Wander do, too. So they’ve done one together.
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Human Made Polar Bear Rug
Everyone seems to be doing a rug now. This one is particularly fetching. That’s not a dog pun either because it’s not a dog on the rug. It’s a polar bear.
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Snow Peak X-Pac Nylon Waist Bag
Beautiful gear, Snow Peak isn’t it? Functional and beautiful. Like your Dad.
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Carhartt WIP Work Varsity Kinto Stainless Steel Tumbler
Do people still use tumblr? They defo use Tumblers, otherwise Carhartt wouldn’t have made this.
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Medicom Be@rBrick Donatello Figure in Chrome, 100% and 400%
Keep seeing Turtle stuff everywhere, are they having a revival? Remember when we had to call them Hero Turtles and not Ninja Turtles? Mad times.
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Kestin Fly T-Shirt
Everything seems to be orange at the moment, it’s doing my head in. But not because I don’t like orange stuff. Nope, it’s because I do and there’s too much choice.
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Merrell 1TRL Moab Speed
I’ve got these in green. I want them in this colour too. Think they might be Gore-Tex, not sure.
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Klattermusen Atle 2.0 Jacket
I’ve got this in black, want it in this colour though. This is a recurring theme isn’t it?
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