Ralph Lauren Does Both in Acid Wash Oxford Shirt

Ralph Lauren is unbelievably flexible. With all of their different ranges and diffusion lines, they grace every section of society. You could draw a Venn diagram with categories like “rich banker”, “casual wear”, “mild-mannered student”, man, even something like “Bronx-based drug dealer”, and in the middle, they’d all overlap and be united by Ralph Lauren. 

This piece does two things: it’s slightly acid washed, which has created a sort of tie-dye effect, and it’s also an oxford shirt. Oxford shirts are a bit of a preppy domain, and tie-dye, well, we all know the associations there. So if you’ve spent your youth in fields, at squats, flirted with veganism and now you need a shirt for dinner with your parents that doesn’t betray your soul, this is it. “That’s a nice shirt”, I can hear your Mum yes. Yes, yes it is.

Grab it from John Anthony.

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