Recycled Luxury is now a thing thanks to Archivist

There’s been a definite shift by the mainstream towards recycling in the last few years. Even those who flew everywhere, drove massive cars and kept a coal fire are accepting the environment could do with a break these days. The savvy brands are seeing this and looking for new ways to make sure we’re more resourceful and less reliant on continually making new things, usually at significant cost to the planet.

Archivist are the latest company to make recycling their mission, and they’ve found an interesting source of fabric. In the posh hotels of London, everything must be spic and span. Do people still say that? Basically, they’ve got standards and a customer base who aren’t shy of holding them to account. As a result, the minute anything is showing its age, it is replaced with something new. The Egyptian cotton bedsheets you’ll find the great and good (and bad) slumbering upon in the grand abodes of Mayfair are retired the moment they are judged to be past their best and as a result, a whopping 10 million kilos of European luxury hotel linen ends up in landfill.

One man’s trash is another’s treasure though, and in Archivist there’s now a brand which takes this beautiful fabric and gives it a new life where it’ll be far more appreciated. Following checks and professional cleaning, new garments are cut and sewn from the surplus fabric. Shirts and boxers are probably the most relevant to us here.

Don’t sleep on this brand. Someone else has already done that.

See more of their refined finery here.

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I had pizza for tea.

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