Reebok Workout Plus 1987

I’ll always remember Christmas 1987 with real fondness, as a 15 year old it was my first foray into seasonal booze based shenanigans where I seemed to fall from one house party to another via a number of local pubs. All of which was soundtracked by the Pet Shop Boys cover of ‘Always on my Mind’ and the Pogues & Kirsty singing their hearts out from the drunk tank. It was also a vintage year for trainers as that was when the multi-sports Reebok Workout Plus really came into it’s own and quickly became the de rigueur shoe for the best dressed geezers in town. Thanks to Oi Polloi (and spotify) I’m going to relive those halcyon days by getting myself a pair, whacking on some tunes and hopefully throwing up an entire bottle of CInzano into a stranger’s sink at a house party in Bredbury Green. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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