Reebok x Adsum Pyro Classic at Wellgosh

Isn’t it lovely when someone goes back and reinvents a classic. Of course, it doesn’t always work out. There was that god awful Robocop remake a few years ago. If like me you watched that movie through to the credits, I really feel sorry for you. And then who can forget the time Take That decided it would be a good idea to cover Smells Like Teen Spirit… words escape me to describe how shockingly terrible it is. I suppose it would be like watching someone you love get tortured and killed. If you haven’t watched it, don’t. If you do, don’t blame us if you end up savaging your own eardrums with pencils or other stationary equipment.

In contrast, sometimes revisiting a classic works an absolute treat. And this is exactly what our New Yorker pals Adsum have done in their collaboration with Reebok. The Pyro was originally released back in 1992. The new invention for 2019 keeps the running shoe design elements and Reebok’s restrained aesthetic, but adds a modern twist of premium leathers and meshes. Other nice touches include reflective underlays, accent pop colours in high quality pig suede and the Adsum logo on the tongue.

The Reebok x Adsum Pyro Classic is available now at Wellgosh.

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