S.E.H. Kelly Seam Jacket

Maybe there’s something in the air at the moment or it could be the fact that I’m finally growing up but I’m finding myself more and more drawn towards the smarter side of the schmutter scene. The other reason could be that labels like S.E.H. Kelly nail the smart look in a way that remains effortlessly cool without any kind of boring/dull compromise. At times their sublime style of clothing even makes me want to sell off my entire wardrobe, replacing it entirely with their stuff before re-locating to somewhere like Lucca in Italy to set up my stall as the local ‘English Gent in residence’. Subtly showing our Latin cousins a thing or two about British quality and style as I hunt wild boar, buy Antique mirrors and chain smoke my skin into the same colour as the surrounding Tuscan buildings. The first item I’d be keen to show off would be their new Seam jacket, a cashmere symphony of herringbone and barleycorn patterns with horn buttons, an underside corduroy collar (for all your collar tilting needs) and a fold down seam at hip height (hence the name). Even if you don’t harbour Italian evacuation fantasies such as I, you do have to admit, that this is one hell of a smart jacket.


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