Save The Duck Loves to Recycle

Once upon a time, I lived on a very quaint houseboat on a river just outside of Oxford. In the evening there was the oaky smell of fire and in the morning there was ducks. I used to feed them breakfast – a bit of toast here, a cookie crisp flung over there, omelette lobbed at their heads – but ultimately, I developed a good relationship with the consistent visitors. So much so that I could recognise them by their markings and began to name them. I would use names like Donald, Ernest, Eddison, Ezra, Nathan, Nige, which are coincidentally the same names that Save The Duck – the Italian anti-down brand – have given to their jackets. 

Save The Duck sums up their ethic with their brand name. They’re anti-down fill. It’s entirely commendable and absolutely necessary. But the brand’s ethical commitments expand further than the lives of ducks and geese. For their latest “We Love Recycle” collection, AW21 sees Save The Duck boast about a 100% recycled release, which utilises entirely upcycled materials and sees them manifest far more firmly the intentions the brand was founded with back in 2012. 

Save The Duck preaches the virtues of a fluid fashion cycle – and circle – that regenerates, and in their words, “loves and flows”. That’s something we’re absolutely here for. The campaign was shot at Case Barthel, a house in the Florentine countryside, and directed by Marco Rubiola, the untameable fire behind Save The Duck. 

The collection can be found at Save The Ducks’ site.

Save The Ducks AW21

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