Seven Sharp Green Seasonal Smothers

Colour experts Pantone regularly update us with their thoughts on which colours are ‘in’ and which are ‘out. We won’t pretend to understand the mechanics of it, but what we do know is they tend to get it right, broadly speaking.

One such colour there’s a definite prevalence of this season is what Pantone calls Sharp Green. It’s basically a yellowy green with a hint of luminosity and brightness. Obviously, not every outerwear piece we’ve seen is the exact colour referenced by Pantone, but there are plenty that are close enough, so we thought we’d shine our own light on some of them. Specifically, seven in total.

Stussy Micro Ripstop Down Puffer Jacket
Perennial streetwear faces Stussy continue to churn out attractive outerwear alongside the t-shirts that carry their brand so well. This is pretty well priced for a puffer, at £350. Not that many of us have that kind of dough right now, but where there’s a will there’s a way.
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Ten C Anorak Absinthe Green
Premium brands like Ten C don’t need to rely on gimmicks, but surely if they’re going to reference a certain alcoholic drink in the colour of this Anorak, they need to use the phrase “Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder”.
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Hikerdelic Conway Smock
Self-indulgence is something we’re all guilty of once in while. Allow us to use this point to do our bit of it.
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Purple Mountain Observatory High Neck Fjord Puffer
This lovely quilted number is ideal for frolicking in the snow or just sitting down on a bench eating half a packet of Monster Munch. It’s the type of jacket a loved-one would eagerly open on Christmas Day, set to a nice piano track. Look, it’s Monday morning, let me imagination run riot a bit before I eventually, reluctantly reign it in.
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Pop Trading Company Shell Jacket
If the parents of this jacket were yellow and green, the yellow has the most dominant genes. Pop make nice jackets and this is sure to turn heads.
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Arc’teryx Beta LT Jacket
Ubiquitous in your local city’s trendy district, Arc’teryx will surely reach its tipping point soon, retiring back to just being really good outdoor clothing with a purpose. Before it does, indulge yourself with this bright lime green shade in their Beta LT jacket.
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Montane Anti-Freeze XPD Hooded Down Jacket
Is this End’s attempt to step into scally chic? For a business that manages to be all things to all people, clothing wise, they’ve rarely been directional with their clothing, going for an international, universally street/luxury look in anything they put out. They left the post-lad fayre to Oi Polloi. With them now planning their next move in the shadows somewhat, End are sticking brands like Montane, and we’re not sure how we feel about it. But it’s a nice jacket, that’s for sure.
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