Six of the Best – Fleece Gilets for Seasonal Snugness

Had to spell check that because I thought I’d written Smugness, though once you’ve seen some of these fluffy fleece beauties you might actually end up feeling smug. So a Freudian slip, perhaps.

Hikerdelic Acid Rain Fleece Gilet
No apologies for launching straight into it with a bit of nepotism. We own Hikerdelic so why wouldn’t we bring it to the Proper reader’s attention? Some of you will like this.
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Gramicci Sherpa Vest
Nice one this, notably without full zip fastening to the front. It’s almost like a technical tank top. A tech top? If someone hasn’t invented such a phrase, they should.
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KAVU Cooper Fleece Gilet
Older readers will remember the Liverpool away kit donned by Glenn Hysén et all. He even had silver hair to match. This almost certainly isn’t inspired by that, given the North West in question is the Pacific North West, rather than the one where the M62 starts (or ends, depending on your perspective). But Ronnie Whelan would wear this to take his Grandkids to a climbing wall birthday party, which is a pretty good thing in our book.
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Carhartt WIP Prentis Vest Liner
Oh look, here’s Carhartt again, predictably getting stuff right. Nice shape, very nice colour, chocolatey.
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Foret Astro Sherpa Vest
Back on the away kit tip, this is what Father Christmas’s elves wear for away fixtures, probably.
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Patagonia Better Sweater Vest
Whether worn by your sister’s boyfriend as he heads to yet another Tough Mudder, or your Stepdad as he haggles with ruddy-faced sellers at car boot sales, this from Patagonia is well worth of a place in this list, and indeed your wardrobe.
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