Six of the Best – Seasonal Sale Selects

Despite changes in ownership and subtle shifts in direction here and there, the good ship Oi Polloi remains fully on the course they’ve always been. Having come through the pandemic relatively unscathed, this Manchester institution has some real colour in its cheeks these days. As has always been the case, their end of season sales are bordering on mouth-watering. With this in mind we stroked their website with a fine toothcomb and the following six items are what stuck.

Berghaus Ice Cap 78
It’s dirty brown, the type of shade you’d find the water in one of those carpet cleaners you periodically borrow off your sister-in-law. No point in pretending otherwise really. No point in pretending it’s not cool as fuck either.
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Holubar Deerhunter Jacket
Very little needs to be said about this beauty. It was in a film. Rob De Niro wore it and he’s cooler than you, so think on.
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Stone Island Crinkle Crep Hooded Jacket
Reminiscent of the colour of the tongue of Stone Island main guy Carlo Rivetti after he’s blazed through too many ecigs, this is a winter smother you’ll return to year after year.
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Fjallraven Singi Cap
This is what the postmen of the post-apocalypse wear when they’re dutifully delivering letters in the future. On that basis, you want to own one really, don’t you?
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Deus Ex Machina Summit Puffer Jacket
Not normally/necessarily known for their big coats, Deus have pulled something special out of the bag here. It’s red, but not red red. If you’re in the market for something substantial that won’t demand you take a hammer to your piggy bank, then no further must you look.
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Satta Anorak
Understated, reliable and well-priced, Satta is a brand that always presents itself impeccably. Buy this and you can do the same.
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